In our last edition we considered the topic perusing physical education and deducing the benefits. In this recent edition we shall be considering the aforementioned topic of caption.

The term gender refers to the sex of a person that is either male or female. Masculinity for male while femininity refers to women; are women being discouraged, marginalized in sports? Or it’s just a mindset on a religious or social note. In actual fact the issue of gender discrimination in sports should not be an issues or controversy for it will be perceived or presumed as making a mountain out of a mull hill or a superfluity of nothingness; a will-to-the wisp!

Granted, there are cases of marginalization or relegation of women in sports, attributed to this could be such question as “will exercise or sports make a women to lose her Virginity? Some other million dollar question could be “can sports threaten a woman’s child bearing capacity? Can it deform the POSTURE of a woman, eroding her feminine outlook appearance making her look macho (machoristic) and muscular like a herculean man; a characteristics of a male gender for its peculiar with women who participate in sports like weight lifting and wrestling.

Juxtaposing this, synonymously, there is a gender characteristics complication, a scenario was that of a female athlete in South Africa who had more male hormone (progesterone) secreted in her body than the female oestrogen hormone making her to perform outstanding more than other female contemporary in sports; oftentimes she floors and outweigh the male counterpart with considerable ease and almost effortlessly.

She had to be injected to reduce the production of male hormone in her so that she can adopt and epitomize the female characteristics of a feminine. This was done so that she can display and perform in the natural and conventional stipulated capability of a sporting natural woman and not a paranormal.

The advocacy for gender equality as it equally applies to sports has an outcry with such slogans as “me too campaign” “investing in the other half” “woman rights are human rights” and many other speak outs.

Sharing insight with the early Greece civilization and philosophy, during their early Olympic games which officially started in the year 776 BC women were not allowed to take part in the athletic sports nor participate only virgins and the priestess of demister were allowed. Then, their philosophy was that of “let the boys play” what a food for thought!

Other nations and religious groups across the surface of the earth do have their objections and reservations about female participation in sports.

While some nations opine to it some others have prejudice for it, and quite a statistical number of others are silent and neutral about it. There are opinions and counter opinions.

Am of the opinion that women should not be ostracized from sports, by the law of identification both has a lot to offer respectively for “no matter how intelligence a man is he cannot clap with one hand” both complement one another even in sports.

Intriguing to note, the confederation of African Football (C.A.F) recently chose a woman to be a female referee, this goes to show the recognition of women in sports. Female participation in sports – falcons of Nigeria, in football amidst other sporting games has done the country proud in terms of medals, popularity, acknowledge and goodwill for the country. Women have their weakness ditto men let’s give the women proximity. It could be discovering a whole new world.

Think about it (try this for size), as a child finds a world in the womb of the mother, nurture in her breast, a future in her and through her, so we can find a world of ingenuity and innovation in our realm of existence by acknowledging women in sports this in actual fact will be tantamount to unlocking the powers and potentials of women in sports.

Women if encouraged can break records to pieces and no intellectual might be able to be able to put the jig saw puzzle together again. Of course, this notion for some may be beyond their human intellectual exertion, however, be that as it may, let’s give the women a chance and watch them accomplish what seemingly looks difficulty or impossible but a mere figment of imagination; can the woman do this? Oh! Yes they can.

What a revelation, what an eye opener and what a food for thought! Your guess is as good as mine.

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