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Our Educational Approach

Building blocks for learning.

Quality Certifications

Our students receive quality certifications that are acceptable nationally and internationally by different academic bodies, such as IGCSE, WAEC, JAMB, NECO, TOEFL and SAT. Equipping and preparing our students for the best colleges worldwide.

Online Resources

Our students, teachers and parents have access to our resources online such as assignments, news and results, making it easier for parents to be involved with their kids academic progress.

Study Plan Tutors

Our teachers develop their teachings specifically to their class and the type of students in the class. Each class is given specific attention to bring out the best in the students and class as a whole.

Advanced Practice

We incorporate the most advanced and current methods in our teaching, our teachers are at the forefront of the teaching techniques for their respective subjects, highly qualified and trained.

Student Focused

We encourage our students to be creative and focus on developing their individual strengths and talents, our students are different and we encourage them to be.


Our students are equipped with the appropriate facilities to carry out any required research, giving them a practical understanding and not just the theory.

At Euston, we focus on these ....

Some of our core values.

01. Students growth

Every student is given the right amount of focus and attention to ensure that they grow in their particular strengths while building on their less stronger areas.

02. Best learning practices

You need to right tools to build a strong foundation, we make sure that our students are well equipped with the right facilities to encourage their learning and growth.

03. Friendly community

Students nee to feel safe to better express themselves and explore their hidden potential, our teachers and staff make sure the environment is encouraging for every student.

04. Fun activities

There needs to be a healthy balance of work and fun activities for students to fully engage with their work, teachers and environment. We make sure to not neglect this.

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